Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Marriage Christmas!

Happy Christmas Eve Everyone!!!!!

I am done all my shopping, I have caught up on email (at least for the next 5 minutes), and I am finally accepting that Christmas is here...literally!  Before I head out to Church this evening, I wanted to give a shout out to my wonderful and loving support partner...my husband Greg!  Our 14th anniversary was on Sunday and it was fun to create a card and matching paper that brings together several elements of Christmas and a marriage celebration.

I could not "wrap" up the year for Stamp to Cope, without sharing my appreciation to Greg, my family, and my friends for standing by my side as we serve others.  THANK YOU ALL!!!

Merry Christmas and a blessed 2014!!!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Color of Thankful!

Happy Greetings Bloggers!

Originally, this post was going to be a picture of a Thanksgiving card I made and some updates on what we have been doing here at Stamp to Cope.  However, when I sat down to type, I realized I was still riding on the excitement of being at Disney World for the Sloan C conference last week (thanks everyone who came out for my presentation!)! Instead of focusing on how I made my card and how it ties in with the holiday, I found myself flipping through my pictures, unfolding my Magic Kingdom Guide Map, staring at my extensive Disney Pin collection, and daydreaming about past trips with family and friends.   So many of my thankful memories coincide with trips to Disney World....

As a young girl, my first airplane ride and actually spending time as a whole family since my dad worked long hours.
As a young teen (16), going alone with my older sister (18) and finding out how cool she really was...we felt so grown up..(note to Cookie...remember Slimy Limy's)
As a young women, going to the grand opening of Epcot and discovering a behind the scenes world like no other.
As a first time mom, watching the magic and awe through my daughter's eyes.
As a wife, enjoying the romance of riding the rides with my soul-mate...I love you Greg!
As a second time mom, realizing on the Disney Transportation that my son has a gift for making people smile.
As a Cancer survivor, getting a "Disney Wish" granted that my husband and children would be rewarded for providing such wonderful support.
As an artist, amazed at the creativity in everything Disney.
As a career women, so blessed to be able to share experience and skills with others in such a glorious venue.

Like the picture of a Cinderella's Castle above (thank you my loving daughter Carly for merging it together for me), my thankfulness is FULL of color!

Love to all and a Blessed Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Harvest Herd

Happy Fall Y'all!

Not sure what it is like in your area, but Berea is finally feeling, to me, like Fall!  Leaves just changed color and then quickly disappeared after a weekend of rain.  Seems like if I had blinked I would have missed it...happens in quite a few areas of life I suspect :).  It did remind me that Thanksgiving is right around the corner and more festive holiday events are coming my way...truly a card makers time of year for bulk! Now all I need to do is make time to actually create with time to send.

However, before I get lost in the pull of the Season, I wanted to play around with dimensional technique. I am so lucky to belong to a card making group called PaperKutz and mentioned my interest.  These wonderful ladies meet once a month and share tips, techniques, and the latest trends in the paper crafting world. Look what we worked on at a recent meeting! It is fabulous to know Stamp to Cope has so many talented women supporting what we do.

So, from my herd to yours, have a super week and enjoy the Fall while it lasts!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Pumpkin pARTy

Greetings and Festive Fall Hellos!!!!
Wow, what a busy and fulfilling Breast Cancer Awareness Month for me and the whole group at Stamp to Cope.  October 3 recognized my 10 year anniversary of my diagnosis....I am so grateful and blessed! Clearly something to celebrate and within a perfect month :). Thanks all of my loving supporters.

From that celebratory event, we went on to prepare for our first Survivors pARTy. I prepped for 100 participants creating at 3 stations. Yes, I know, dreaming big :) Station 1 covered basic card making, station 2 covered wax pencil techniques, and station 3 covered water based markers.  Gifts were provided at each station along with hands-on assistance from wonderfully talented volunteers.  A huge shout out to Anita, Kassondra, and Tammy for helping with the stations.  We also had the all important food/snack area "manned" by my fabulous husband Greg.  Our daughter, Carly, came home from college to take pictures of the event.

For our first offering of this type, we were thrilled by the results. We met our goal of contacting with at least 20 people, we created beautiful projects and memories, and we had a fabulous time!

From the pARTy event, directly into preparing card give-away sacks for local care giving facilities has kept us all busy.  Stamp to Cope received over 2000 hand made cards from survivors, support partners, and caring crafters around the world as part of our Reach Out Readers initiative with Card Maker Magazine. To close out our Breast Cancer Awareness month, we put together bags of these blank, seasonal, and occasion cards to be distributed this week to help share a warm greeting with those needing a special uplifting message.

Even though the end of October means the official end of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it does not end for Stamp to Cope.  We are participating in the Women's Wellness Day on November 2 so stay tuned for an update on this wonderful event!  Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful Halloween!
Blessings, Jeannette

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October 1 is soooo IMPORTANT!

Happy October 1 everybody!!!!!

This day is so super important in my world!!!  Why you ask?  Maybe you think it is an anniversary date of some kind....no.  Maybe you are thinking it is some significant milestone date I have set for myself....no.  Maybe some special event is happening today that I forgot to blog about...no.  It is so important because today, October 1, is the day my husband brings up my Halloween Clothes from storage!!!!!!
Do not be deceived...this tub is HUGE!  For those of you who do not know me as well, beginning October 1, I wear something Halloween related everyday until my birthday.  It all started when my sister Cookie (Shirley) purchased a very pretty Halloween sweater for me for my birthday. (I think I was about 19) However, that same year my mother also purchase a very pretty Halloween sweater for me for my birthday.  Well, as much as I love my sister, Moms trump sisters every time, so I wore the sweater from my Mom on the day. But that made me realize I have so much cool Halloween clothing that I can't get it all in on one day. Why am I limited to only the anniversary of my birth to celebrate my life?...I am not!  Every year since that moment of discovery, I begin my birthday preparations through my Halloween clothing display on October 1 so I can enjoy them all. In truth, sometimes I have to double up or I won't get everything warn before the month is over!  So keep an eye out for my wild display which started TODAY  :)!

Another great thing about October 1 is that it is the start of Breast Cancer Awareness Month!!!! Yay! This is a special time for all survivors and partners all over the world. Stamp to Cope, Inc. has several things planned to show support during the month and we encourage all of you to participate in some way.  A new thing we are going to try this year is something we are calling Survivors pARTy! The funds raised from our Power2Give matching gift event earlier in the year is the basis for our ability to reach out in this wonderfully creative manner.  Thanks to all who contributed.  Below is the information I have been circulating and I hope you will share the news with others....

October 19, 2013 – Saturday
1:00 – 4:00 – open house style
Berea Arts Council
116 N Main Street
Berea KY 40403

 STC is throwing a pARTy for Breast Cancer Survivors! Join us for an open house event at the Berea Arts Council on October 19, 2013 from 1 – 4pm.  The celebration will focus on the power of arts and crafts in the survivorship journey.  Join us for give-aways, snacks, projects, and color techniques. Hope to see you there! 

Coloring with pencils will be one of the technique stations we will be sharing with survivors during the pARTy.  To get prepared, I have been practicing up on my skills. Using these beautiful digital stamps created by Dina Kowal of dkDesign Studios, I have been practicing my contours, dimension, and shading using both wax and oil pencils. It is so relaxing and quite addicting.  

As you can see, now that I have my clothes, my colored pencils, and our pARTy plans started, October is off to a GREAT start!  I look forward to some super events to share with all of you!  


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Gelli Swirl

Hello All!

Surprised to see me finally post?! Thanks for staying connected and waiting so patiently :).  As with many of you, my life has been very busy and quite hectic these last few weeks... not complaining. but it has impacted how often I post lately. However, I did not want another day to go by without being creative and sharing this latest project with you. Before I get to the project, a reminder that Breast Cancer Awareness Month is just around the corner and you can be assured I have been focusing on our BIG event.  Mark the date of October 19 at the Berea Arts Council for the Stamp to Cope Survivors Celebration.  Thanks to everyone who participated in our Power2Give matching funds event, we will be able to put on a first class event... it is going to be great crafty fun with project stations, snacks, giveaways, and technique tables.  Stay tuned for more details as we get closer to the date.

Now, on to the project....

I wanted to share my continued fascination with the monoprinting technique. Using the Gelli Plate, I created this swirly background full of depth and color. Loving the mess and randomness...how does this work you ask? 
First, I inked up the gelli plate with acrylic paint spread around with a brayer. Then put a stencil on top and texturized around it with one of those shower fluffs (have no idea of the name but they usually come with bath sets at Christmas)
Once textured, I put a piece of white card stock on top of the whole things and used my hands to rub on the back of the paper to get the paint to lift from the plate to the paper. Once the paper is lifted, it has the print of the stencil.  BUT another really cool part is that the stencil is now full of paint on the underside so I turned it over and rubbed another piece of white card stock to get the opposite pattern.

Pretty cool isn't it..

  Word of warning...it is so addictive.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more exciting news from Stamp to Cope!  Have a great week.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Flying By to Say Hi

Greetings Bloggers!

Just a quick post to share a gift collection I created for a friend who loves music and birds.  The blue jay and magnolia blossom were colored using markers inspired by all those back-to-school supplies. The music notes were created by embossing a brown piece of cardstock that had a blue core.  Once the notes were embossed, I used sand paper to bring out the blue...messy but fun.  The jewelry set pieces are of Italian brass that has been embossed with a bird motif.  I painted on a patina in a variety of blue tones and then sanded down to reveal the embossed images once dry.  A clear protective glaze was added last to keep from tarnishing.  I hope she enjoys them.

A few STC updates....

Thanks again to everyone for a very successful Learnshop fundraising event. I am thrilled to report that we have been asked to participate (for the first time) in the winter learnshop continuation called 12 Days of Christmas.  I will share more as we get closer to the event.

One of my mixed-media canvas pieces was accepted for the Artisan Center exhibit CAPTURING THE ART OF SPORT.  This juried exhibit will run from August 31 - February 22 and gives STC another venue for fundraising and sharing our mission.

We started the planning for the October 19th Breast Cancer Awareness event supported by our Power2Give campaign contributors.  Lots of enthusiasm and excitement already.

The Madison County Breast Cancer Support Group invited us to woman an STC booth at the Women's Wellness event scheduled for November.

As you can see, we are headed for a busy time of out reach!  Hope you will join us!


Monday, August 5, 2013


Dear journal, Monday, July 15, 2013 9:00am and the first day of my long awaited 3 (count them) 3 weeks of vacation! Finished grading, closed out classes, here we go. So excited to plan to get a trip to Charleston, SC in with my husband and son (we LOVE that place), embrace the Berea Festival Learnshops (teach and take), catchup on some Stamp to Cope planning and paperwork, do some local sight seeing, and CREATE. 

Dear journal, Monday, July 15, 2013 11:00am.  Just received phone call that my Dean was resigning and would I serve as interim dean..."transition meetings start tomorrow."  I am very humbled and honored ... the reality is my vacation has now become a "staycation." :)  Thankfully, I am blessed with the most supportive and loving family EVER!!! 

The three weeks of "staycation" are now over. Even though plans had to be changed and it seems to have flown by, staying home was truly a rewarding experience....

I was reminded of how blessed I am in my family.  I know they were disappointed but they never made any complaint and jumped right in to help. I still took some time to create but now I had a heartfelt purpose..thanking my family. Since we were unable to  make our trip, I used this picture of Charleston, SC's harbor and created an 8x10 pastel canvas for my husband to put in his woodshop. Hopefully, we can get there next year.  

I was able to add an additional Learnshop event at the last moment. Since this is our annual fundraising event, the outcome determines the service and fundraising plans for the upcoming year.  Adding one more option added that much more to our mission resources. The Stamp to Cope Learnshops were a wonderful success with great participation and evaluations!   I do not have the exact total yet but it seems to be around $800!  THANK YOU participants and Berea Tourism! 

We developed an outreach plan for Stamp to Cope to include more Facebook use. Please click this facebook link, "Like" us, and share the link with your network so we can spread the word.  

In addition to these staycation events, I received notification that one of my mixed-media canvas projects was accepted in a Juried Art Exhibit at the Berea Artisan Center! The piece will be on display from the end of August until February 2014! How exciting to find another avenue to get out the Stamp to Cope name and message.

So, while our vacation did not go as planned, there were so many blessings right here at home, that my staycation was full of wonderful moments and memories. Thanks to everyone who contributed to make it an  incredible ride :)!!

Love Jeannette

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Greeting Bloggers and hello Summer!

On behalf of Stamp to Cope, Inc. please accept a huge THANK YOU!!!! Why? Because, with your help, we EXCEEDED our Power2Give matching funds goal and way ahead of schedule!  The link is now closed and I thank all of you who helped in whatever fashion!!!!!! If you would still like to contribute in support of our ongoing programs, please check our website  for specifics.

Over the last weeks, I was asked to participate in a Berea Community Mural project. It was quite an experience working with international. mural artist Andrea Good as she guided Greg, Joshua, and I through the steps of mural design and completion.  The key to success of the illusion, we were instructed, was the perspective.  I couldn't help but think..."isn't that also the truth about surviving?"  My hope for all of you is that Stamp to Cope can be a part of your positive healing perspective and that you will find something creative to embrace everyday!

Thanks for sharing your journey with us!  Have a great week!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pink Ribbons, Survivors, and Cards, Oh My!

Hello Blog Supporters!!!  I'm baaaak :).  Missed everyone and apologize for the month (exactly) gap!  As you will see from the info sharing below, Stamp To Cope, Inc. has been immersed in preparations for a very exciting and very busy summer!  Adjust your seat cushions, sit back, grab a beverage, and read on for exciting news, updates, and (hopefully) some inspiration!  Here we go.....

Readers Reach Out - CardMaker Magazine!

I am so honored and excited to share that Stamp To Cope was selected to be the organization supported by CardMaker Magazine's Summer 2013 issue in the Readers Reach Out column.  The issue went out this month and look at the stacks of cards we have already received!  So far at least 200 cards have arrived and more are showing up every day!  We are so humbled by this show of support! Readers are including the most thoughtful and supportive messages in the packages providing such encouragement and inspiration for our mission!  Much love and thank yous going out to Tanya Fox, editor, the excellent staff, and the most loving readers in the whole wide world :)  Check out the link above to see more about the issue,watch the video for a peak at the end of Stamp To Cope, and scroll down to see the Reach Out section!!! Or click HERE

Pink Ribbon Club

Already we are putting the Reach Out cards to their intended purpose.  Introducing the Pink Ribbon Club at the Lexington Clinic!  We had a fabulous Stamp To Cope workshop for these beautiful ladies and presented them with a bag full of cards for their organization!  They wanted me to thank all the readers who participated.  We then spent the evening stamping to cope and the creativity was amazing.  Check out these wonderful and strong survivors as they learn some stamping art techniques.  Thank you for allowing me to share our mission with the group!!
Blessings as you continue on your survivor journey!!!!

STC Power 2 Give!!!

I saved this great news for the end as a surprise, but I hope its significance does not get lost by being last!  As you can see from above, our organization DOES make a difference to all those with which we connect!  Stamping art/art therapy continues to prove to be an invaluable coping option for survivors.  At STC, our services and resources are provided to survivors for FREE and we are completely supported by volunteers and independent donations. (We are 501c3 so all donations are tax deductible)  As with any non-profit, finding funding is a ongoing part of our world.  So, when a funds matching opportunity is granted, it is a true blessing!!!  Stamp to Cope was approved to be part of Power2Give, an organization that supports the Arts! Through an anonymous donor, Power2Give will MATCH dollar for dollar up to $1000!!!  PLEASE consider making a donation to help us reach this goal!  The link above will take you directly to our page with all the details of our approved project or just click HERE  Any help you can provide is very much appreciated by all the survivors who will benefit from your generosity!!!  Thank you, in advance, and a prayer of thanksgiving to Power2Give for this opportunity!!!

Let's make everyday count!  Be creative today!
love Jeannette

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!!!

A quick post to wish all those wonderful people who serve in the mother role and happy happy day. I have the double blessing of the best Mother and Mother-in-law in the world...yes I am partial. I wanted to do something extra special for each this year so here are the results!  I hope they know how much I love them...truly they are perfect examples of unconditional sacrifice, support, and love!

The projects include a matching card and canvas.  I used a general rubber stamp outline in a very light ink to give me guidelines on a very cool crackle background I created with acrylic paint and some school glue. Then I painted over the outlines to create the images.  The Mother sentiment was stamped onto tissue paper first and then applied to the surface with modgepodge.  The entire product was then distressed with dye ink around the ends of the canvas.  A fun project!

Chat again soon!!!  Enjoy this day to the fullest!
Luv, Jeannette

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

KY Give Day Tomorrow - Thank "ewe"

Greetings Bloggers!!

Tomorrow the Commonwealth of Kentucky shows its support for non-profit 501c3 organizations by hosting the KY Gives Day.  What a wonderful opportunity for Stamp to Cope, Inc. to share our mission and join with other wonderful groups trying to make the world a better place.  Please consider offering your support by....

Visit the KY Gives Day Page for Stamp to Cope, Inc.  at http://kygives.razoo.com/story/Stamp-To-Cope
Tell your friends and family about KY Gives Day through e-mail or social media.
On April 24th, make a secure, on-line donation to Stamp to Cope, Inc. and encourage friends and family to do the same. You can also schedule a donation today that will post Wednesday as part of the event.

Thanks "ewe" friends!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Be Still and Count the Waves

Hello everyone! My apologies for falling so behind in my posts these last few months. Both work and STC have been keeping me quite busy.  However, I just could not go another day without sharing some exciting updates.......

1. I was invited, on behalf of STC, to participate in the "Shaped by Water" art exhibit at The Gallery on Main in Richmond, KY in support of Kentucky River water awareness. I created two mixed media canvas pieces (8 x 10) depicting my love of the ocean.  The first is called "Be Still" and interprets one of my favorite versus.   The second (below) is called "Count the Waves" created with my mother in mind. All of you who know her will definitely understand :). Both pieces used various types of paper, paints, gelatos, inks, sand paper, stamps, and heat foam. What do you think?

2. A wonderful STC cardmaking workshop was conducted March 28  in conjunction with the Berea Arts Council.  Two STC volunteers came out to help..thanks Tammy and Kasondra. STC was able to raise $64.00 from the event. Great fun.

3. STC was added to the Kentucky based Pink Link network enabling us to communicate along side other Breast Cancer awareness organizations.

Finally, A huge shout out to a wonderful couple, Donna and Joel, who will be getting married on May 6th.  These two are so special and ultra creative so I did not think a traditional wedding card would do. Red roses  symbolize love to me so I tried my hand at water coloring this lovely stamped image that reflects two becoming one.  Many blessings my loves!!!!

That's it for now.  Lots of things coming our way so be on the look out and remember.. Sign up for some creative fun during Berea Learnshops.  See you, Jeannette

Monday, March 25, 2013

Mosaic Moment

HI Everyone!!!  Wow, can you believe it has been a month since I was able to sit down and post.  I sincerely appreciate your patience and support while I was on travel for my University. One of the benefits of being on the road is the opportunity for new inspiration and reflection of creative ideas.  Nothing shouts louder in the area of creativity for me than Disney and while speaking at the SALT conference earlier this month, I had a chance to go visit the new Fantasyland.  As many of you know, Beauty and the Beast is my ABSOLUTE favorite Disney movie and the Beast is the BEST. So you can imagine how exciting it was for me to have a lunch break in "The West Wing"!!!!!  The Castle was fabulous in beauty and detail. The entrance displays a floor to ceiling mosaic that replicates the stained glass window scenes in the movie. I was in awe.  The image haunted me throughout the rest of my trips and I found myself pulling up the picture I took to be sure I did not miss any detail. This weekend when I finally had access to my crafting materials, I had to create my own.  Here is the card I made for my Mother (mailing it today) inspired by the B&B mosaic.  Definitely something different for me, but a fun way to use my Hybrid Roses stamp. 

News you can use :)...

While away, STC stayed busy planning for upcoming events so here is a quick update.  Consider joining us!!
Wednesday, March 27 from 6:30 - 8:30, Stamping workshop at the Berea Arts Council 
Registration for my stamping and alcohol marker workshops is now open. Check out the  Berea Festival of Learnshops site for more info below.
Stamping and Papercraft Beginner July 25, 2013 9:30 - 5:00
Stamping and Papercraft Intermediate July 26, 2013 9:30 - 5:00
Create with Alcohol Markers July 28, 2013 9:30 - 12:30

Well, lots to do to catch up so back to work :).  Thanks for your continued support!  It is nice to be back home! :)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mixed Media Moment

Greetings bloggers!  Thanks for stopping by!

Ever been afraid to try something new and then that extra push to actually follow through comes along and you can not find any more excuses?  Well, that is my story for this post.  I have wanted to try Mixed Media Art for some time now but did not have the confidence. As many of you know, I can teach myself any number of techniques and can duplicate or even improve on ideas that I see.  However, to actually design from scratch and determine the flow, pattern, and materials on a larger scale is completely out of my comfort zone.  

But, last week, my husband, Greg, encouraged me to participate in the Berea Arts Council  Art in Nature exhibit. He had an answer for all my excuses and provided so much support that it gave me the confidence to finally put something together.  In fact, I got so carried away, I could not stop at just one as I tried different materials, layouts, and set ups. 

I used 8 x 10 canvas as my base and prepped them all with gesso for a smooth work surface. The picture above shows a vertical perspective of the seasons using stamped tissue paper, water color paper trees, and gelatos for color. The one below is a horizontal perspective and I switched out the tissue paper leaves with Flower Soft dimension.  I called them "Nature of Time."
The whole experience was a messy blast and I was quite tickled with the final results.  So, What do you think?

I hope this posts encourages you to take a step out of your comfort zone and enjoy the creative!!!  Have a beautiful week.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Window Wonderland

Warm greetings readers!  Where did January go?!!!!  Life with Stamp to Cope, Inc. has been bountiful this month so grab your favorite beverage and join me as I share a peak into our "Window Wonderland"....

STC began January 2013 with a wrap up of my stamp art pieces (cards and jewelry) displayed in the Berea Arts Council contributing $90 to our mission.  STC received great exposure over the holidays as a result and support contacts are already coming our way.  Thank you Gwen and Diane for your sincere love and support.

Later in the month, I received an email from the Editor of CardMaker Magazine asking if STC would like to be featured in the Summer issue under the Readers Reach Out feature....Oh Yeah!!!!  Thanks Tanya Fox

The 2013 Berea Festival Learnshop proposals were submitted and STC was approved for 3....2 on rubber stamp and paper craft art and 1 on the basics of using alcohol markers in projects.  Advertising and registration have begun so sign up and share with your friends.  Check out the first marketing piece they have completed for one of my workshops. They did a super job!  Register through the link below and I will share the others as they go live

Stamping and Papercraft Beginner - July 25, 2013 

STC submitted a proposal (currently under review) to expand our fundraising potential by offering stamp and paper crafting workshops to the general public. I will keep you posted.  As you can see we have been quite busy and excited about outreach for 2013.

So now that I have updated everyone on the business happenings, I wanted to share a story surrounding the card featured in today's post.  As my husband would say...no good deed goes unpunished :)...

My mother is simply the BEST in the whole world...she is a super person, runs multiple charity functions, loves everyone, knows everyone, writes a newspaper column, is the oldest living Girl Scout in the nation, never loses at Bridge, is always winning some type of award or being interviewed, is much loved in her community, and she is probably the number 1 fan of STC! She is truly a hard act to follow (and keep tabs on) and January 11, my mother turned 87! She has really been stressing over this particular birthday number, so I wanted to do something really special.  I should have known better :).

In my excitement to create the PERFECT card, I actually sketched out a card for the first time before starting.  I decided to go BIG, use all her favorite things, and include a picture of her grandson wearing the Christmas gifts she sent.  I spent 4 hours making this super card, got it done way early, put it in the mail on January 3 with a beautifully stamped envelope (which I don't normally do) and put on triple postage just to e sure she got it on time.  Guess what!!! I not only forgot to take a picture before I sent it, but it did not arrive! IT MISSED HER BIRTHDAY!! I called everyday and I know she thought I never really sent anything but she was happy with the phone calls.

After 3 weeks of waiting to see if it would turn up, I gave up and started from scratch.  This time I went normal size, hand cut everything again but small, and tried to remember the sketch (of course I threw it out..duh).  Again, I stamped a lovely envelope, doubled the postage, and drove it directly to the post office on January 21.  As you may be anticipating, it disappeared too!  I truly wanted to cry...all the love and thanks I wanted to send her and neither one had arrived!  I felt like I had ruined her special birthday! This time, however, I remembered to take a picture so thought I would go for "3 is the charm."  I was just getting everything out to begin when I received a call yesterday (January 30) from my mom....

BOTH cards arrived that day!!!!!  God is good!  I love you MOM!!! Happy "Belated" 87th!

Thanks everyone for letting me share!  Enjoy looking into your Window Wonderland and keep warm! Chat again soon!
love Jeannette

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Just Because

Greetings and Happy New Year!  

The last months have been a busy time of card making and blogging with a focus on the holidays. While it is always fun and an anticipated expectation for creativity, for many there is a big let down once the new year begins. Most card makers want to quickly fill in the time gap and immediately move on to Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, or even Easter.  

For me, however, there is an opposite impact.  During the holidays the focus seems to be on creating in bulk,  figuring out how to improve on what was made last year, or trying to compete with all the store bought cards that circulate. Sometimes, what ends up being sent was not exactly what was envisioned but needs to get done just to keep up with the pace of the festivities. I do love making holiday cards and all my heart goes into the message, but I always second guess the final product.  Now I can relax and go back to what I enjoy the most.... cards that send an uplift "just because" the recipient is in my heart.  

Have a wonderful week.