Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Color of Thankful!

Happy Greetings Bloggers!

Originally, this post was going to be a picture of a Thanksgiving card I made and some updates on what we have been doing here at Stamp to Cope.  However, when I sat down to type, I realized I was still riding on the excitement of being at Disney World for the Sloan C conference last week (thanks everyone who came out for my presentation!)! Instead of focusing on how I made my card and how it ties in with the holiday, I found myself flipping through my pictures, unfolding my Magic Kingdom Guide Map, staring at my extensive Disney Pin collection, and daydreaming about past trips with family and friends.   So many of my thankful memories coincide with trips to Disney World....

As a young girl, my first airplane ride and actually spending time as a whole family since my dad worked long hours.
As a young teen (16), going alone with my older sister (18) and finding out how cool she really was...we felt so grown up..(note to Cookie...remember Slimy Limy's)
As a young women, going to the grand opening of Epcot and discovering a behind the scenes world like no other.
As a first time mom, watching the magic and awe through my daughter's eyes.
As a wife, enjoying the romance of riding the rides with my soul-mate...I love you Greg!
As a second time mom, realizing on the Disney Transportation that my son has a gift for making people smile.
As a Cancer survivor, getting a "Disney Wish" granted that my husband and children would be rewarded for providing such wonderful support.
As an artist, amazed at the creativity in everything Disney.
As a career women, so blessed to be able to share experience and skills with others in such a glorious venue.

Like the picture of a Cinderella's Castle above (thank you my loving daughter Carly for merging it together for me), my thankfulness is FULL of color!

Love to all and a Blessed Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Harvest Herd

Happy Fall Y'all!

Not sure what it is like in your area, but Berea is finally feeling, to me, like Fall!  Leaves just changed color and then quickly disappeared after a weekend of rain.  Seems like if I had blinked I would have missed it...happens in quite a few areas of life I suspect :).  It did remind me that Thanksgiving is right around the corner and more festive holiday events are coming my way...truly a card makers time of year for bulk! Now all I need to do is make time to actually create with time to send.

However, before I get lost in the pull of the Season, I wanted to play around with dimensional technique. I am so lucky to belong to a card making group called PaperKutz and mentioned my interest.  These wonderful ladies meet once a month and share tips, techniques, and the latest trends in the paper crafting world. Look what we worked on at a recent meeting! It is fabulous to know Stamp to Cope has so many talented women supporting what we do.

So, from my herd to yours, have a super week and enjoy the Fall while it lasts!