Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pink Ribbons, Survivors, and Cards, Oh My!

Hello Blog Supporters!!!  I'm baaaak :).  Missed everyone and apologize for the month (exactly) gap!  As you will see from the info sharing below, Stamp To Cope, Inc. has been immersed in preparations for a very exciting and very busy summer!  Adjust your seat cushions, sit back, grab a beverage, and read on for exciting news, updates, and (hopefully) some inspiration!  Here we go.....

Readers Reach Out - CardMaker Magazine!

I am so honored and excited to share that Stamp To Cope was selected to be the organization supported by CardMaker Magazine's Summer 2013 issue in the Readers Reach Out column.  The issue went out this month and look at the stacks of cards we have already received!  So far at least 200 cards have arrived and more are showing up every day!  We are so humbled by this show of support! Readers are including the most thoughtful and supportive messages in the packages providing such encouragement and inspiration for our mission!  Much love and thank yous going out to Tanya Fox, editor, the excellent staff, and the most loving readers in the whole wide world :)  Check out the link above to see more about the issue,watch the video for a peak at the end of Stamp To Cope, and scroll down to see the Reach Out section!!! Or click HERE

Pink Ribbon Club

Already we are putting the Reach Out cards to their intended purpose.  Introducing the Pink Ribbon Club at the Lexington Clinic!  We had a fabulous Stamp To Cope workshop for these beautiful ladies and presented them with a bag full of cards for their organization!  They wanted me to thank all the readers who participated.  We then spent the evening stamping to cope and the creativity was amazing.  Check out these wonderful and strong survivors as they learn some stamping art techniques.  Thank you for allowing me to share our mission with the group!!
Blessings as you continue on your survivor journey!!!!

STC Power 2 Give!!!

I saved this great news for the end as a surprise, but I hope its significance does not get lost by being last!  As you can see from above, our organization DOES make a difference to all those with which we connect!  Stamping art/art therapy continues to prove to be an invaluable coping option for survivors.  At STC, our services and resources are provided to survivors for FREE and we are completely supported by volunteers and independent donations. (We are 501c3 so all donations are tax deductible)  As with any non-profit, finding funding is a ongoing part of our world.  So, when a funds matching opportunity is granted, it is a true blessing!!!  Stamp to Cope was approved to be part of Power2Give, an organization that supports the Arts! Through an anonymous donor, Power2Give will MATCH dollar for dollar up to $1000!!!  PLEASE consider making a donation to help us reach this goal!  The link above will take you directly to our page with all the details of our approved project or just click HERE  Any help you can provide is very much appreciated by all the survivors who will benefit from your generosity!!!  Thank you, in advance, and a prayer of thanksgiving to Power2Give for this opportunity!!!

Let's make everyday count!  Be creative today!
love Jeannette