Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Welcome to my weekly blog! I waited until today to write because I wanted to try something new…. Creating a blog with more than one picture… so I needed to practice. Thanks for your patience.

Good fathers are such a wonderful gift which should be celebrated. Thank goodness there is a special day just for them. I have been truly blessed many times over… While my father was alive, he was a tremendous font of love, support, and compassion and every day I find myself reflecting some element of his care.
My father-in-law is also an amazing man who unselfishly helped raise his brothers and sisters, then his own family, and now shares his ideals with his grandchildren. It is a joy to watch my husband, truly the best of fathers, incorporate his wisdom and compassion with our children and grand children. When I look back on how these three pillars reflect the foundation of our family, I am awed and inspired.