Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Greeting Bloggers and hello Summer!

On behalf of Stamp to Cope, Inc. please accept a huge THANK YOU!!!! Why? Because, with your help, we EXCEEDED our Power2Give matching funds goal and way ahead of schedule!  The link is now closed and I thank all of you who helped in whatever fashion!!!!!! If you would still like to contribute in support of our ongoing programs, please check our website  for specifics.

Over the last weeks, I was asked to participate in a Berea Community Mural project. It was quite an experience working with international. mural artist Andrea Good as she guided Greg, Joshua, and I through the steps of mural design and completion.  The key to success of the illusion, we were instructed, was the perspective.  I couldn't help but think..."isn't that also the truth about surviving?"  My hope for all of you is that Stamp to Cope can be a part of your positive healing perspective and that you will find something creative to embrace everyday!

Thanks for sharing your journey with us!  Have a great week!