Monday, December 15, 2014

Merry and Bright!

Greetings bloggers,

I wanted to stop in with a quick post to say hello and send Christmas greetings.  This year I tried to be a little more organized around my Christmas Cards by making a few throughout the year.  My plan was to then have the bulk of them completed by the time Christmas rolled around.  Well, I started out strong but as the year moved along so did my focus.  I also found that I did not take pictures and sometimes forgot to stamp the back identification or match the envelopes. I still think it is a good idea and I did have about 20 completed but when it came time to actually sign and send, I did not have as many as I needed.  The unanticipated result--short on cards and short on time to make them.

Well, enter the most fun FSJ Artists Trading Stamps (ATS).  An Artist Trading Stamp is a small stamp set with a very distinct focus.  They are usually very reasonable in price and include just what is needed for a clean and crisp card. Sometimes, for me, the less to choose from the easier a card plan comes together. The snowman was a single ATS and the ornament with the "Merry & Bright" sentiment was an ATS set.  I was able to use the sentiment on both and keep the same color scheme.  A great way to keep the same general theme but change up the focal image for some variety. They were super fun to make because once the cutting of the paper was done, I could play with the individual scenes and change them up.

All of us at Stamp to Cope, Inc. want to thank you for your love, prayers, and support!  Blessings to everyone this holiday season, Merry Christmas, and have a blessed 2015.