Monday, January 30, 2012

Not Just Cookies

Greeting Blog Readers!  Hope your week is starting out well.  Last week was quite busy with February requests for Stamp to Cope events. I am so excited that Stamp to Cope is becoming recognized as a service in our area.

One request came from a beautiful young lady who is working toward the Girl Scout Gold Award.  The Gold Award represents the highest achievement in Girl Scouts and is quite an honor to achieve. Part of her project is Breast Cancer Awareness and she has asked if Stamp to Cope would do an event for her troop and adult leaders. We are thrilled to be a part of her goal and to share important breast health information with such a fine group.  As some of you may know, my Mother is a life long Girl Scout and is still extremely active in her local area.  My personal contribution to the scouts is the large amount of support I give to the cookie sales each year :).  

To prepare for the Gold workshop, I spent the weekend planning and prepping supplies for the event. Ultimately, I created these sample cards that the scouts will be able to make for themselves. The festive style patterned paper, hearts, and layering will focus on Breast Cancer pink and a Valentine's theme.  I decided to go with three possible looks so that each scout can make a set.   The event will be held February 6, 2012 in Lexington at 6:30pm.  Please check out our website for more specific details.

STC is so excited to team up for such a worthy event. In talking with the young ladies of the troop, I am reminded that Girls Scouts are so much more than cookies.  Blessings,

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Stamp To Cope: Time Change

Stamp To Cope: Time Change: Hi all, Based on the title I gave this post, you are probably thinking I should save it for the Spring when the clocks are changed. But th...

Time Change

Hi all, Based on the title I gave this post, you are probably thinking I should save it for the Spring when the clocks are changed. But this time (no pun intended)  it is really all about putting important things in our life into a new perspective. I believe that is one way to bring new life back into old favorites. So, I gave it a try.....

When I starting stamping in 2003, I focused on making my own coloring books for entertainment during chemo. I was quite content and did not anticipate any other use of my stamps. Then as my healing and coping requirements took on new dynamics, so did my interest in using stamps to create cards and scapbook pages. Once again, I found myself tempted to expand the use of stamps and ink to create something that caught my interest.....focal pieces.

My first attempt was to create this necklace piece for my daughter.  When she came home from college for the holidays I noticed the trend for big jewelry that made a definite statement. So, I made a flower scene inside a Tim Holtz pocket watch housing. The pocket watch casing is quite large so I wanted to create something that would be showcased behind the glass without being to overwhelming. Using stamps of flowers, leaves, and hearts I colored, distressed, cut out and layered for a 3D look.  I added glitter and rhinestones to give it a little bling and catch the light.  The really fun part was the versatility...the entire display was created on a circle cut piece of cardstock that I stamped and distressed that fits onto the back casing of the watch. By putting the entire scene on the decorated cardstock, it gives the option of exchanging multiple scenes to fit the occasion. (No, I have not made any more).  I then purchased a long thick chain necklace of antique brass and slipped the finished piece on.  It looked super on her.

Making this piece was a lot of fun and certainly opens up some Stamp to Cope, Inc. fundraising opportunity ideas. But for now, I discovered I still find card making the most fun. In the end, it was a reminder that old favorites can continue to bring surprises and lovely contributions to my life but there is comfort and joy in hanging with an old friend.  Thanks for stopping by and have a super week.

Blessings, Jeannette

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Its all about the husband

Greetings Bloggers!

As the title indicates, this blog is all about the most wonderful husband in the whole wide world...Mine!  Happy Birthday! His birthday was the 9th of this month and I always want to make it unique since it seems so close to Christmas.  Therefore, while I stuck with a winter theme, I stayed away from the traditional holiday colors and went for a cool look instead. Besides, blue is his favorite color.  If you look closely, you will see that the snowflake is actually suspended with fishing wire in punch hole on the front of the card. It actually flutters like a real snowflake when you open it...pretty neat.  When I was creating this card and trying to plan for some type of birthday surprise. We had no idea that the surprise he would really get was a diagnosis of Cancer.

Cancer! Just saying (or in this case reading or typing) the word brings a myriad of emotions to the surface.  For those of us who are survivors, it might mean future fears or reliving haunting experiences. For those of us who were in a caregiver or support role, it might bring up feelings of anger, frustration, and helplessness. But not many of us would associate that word with joy, thanksgiving, or positive energy. Yet, I write this blog today full of a new sense of strength, hope, and determination to take on the battle of this enemy again and WIN once more.  The difference this time, is that I will serve in the support role to my beloved husband and by bringing my own cancer lessons learned, I am coming armed, dangerous, and ready to do my part in this battle.

But, you may be thinking, why am I full of joy and excitement when once more this horrible invader has entered our home? Well it is because today we received word that my husband's cancer has not metastasized!! What blessed news after a long week of waiting for test results as part of a birthday celebration. What a wonderful miracle when sometimes fearing the worst. These last days have also reminded me of all the wonderful people (angels that God has put in our path) we have in our lives who continue to offer love, prayers, positive thoughts, and healing hands. What inspiration they bring.

Now it is my turn to be in the support role. I had a super role model in watching how my husband supported me.  I know we have God, our friends and family, and miracles on our side so yes I am joyful and say bring it on, we will fight and win!  Love to all and keep those prayers coming.  Jeannette

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Clean and Simple Thanks

Happy New Year!  Now that the holiday season is winding down and the new year has begun, the focus is on sending out thank you notes.  Stamp to Cope, Inc. (and me personally) was richly blessed over the last weeks of the year with donations of cash, stamps, and in kind resources.  A huge thank you to Rita Whetzel, the Lexington Lioness Club, Star Charities, and our Board of Directors.  We had a really special surprise when we received a beautiful arrangement of "candy cane" Lillies from the very first Stamp to Cope survivor recipient. It was wonderful to hear how much of an impact the STC tote bag of stamping supplies had on her continued recovery and that she is doing so well...Praises!    The flowers inspired this clean and simple card to reflect our thanks.

With a Lilly stamp, I used Memento markers to color the petals red and the stem and leaves green.  Once colored, I "huffed" over the stamp to reactivate any ink that dried (the moisture from my breath reactivates the ink) and stamped onto a cut piece of white card stock at the bottom.  I repeated this process four more times adjusting the height of the Lilly each time. Since the original Lillies were white with red stripes down the center, I thought I would reverse the look so I used a white gel pen to draw white lines down the middle of each petal. After stamping the sentiment in the center, I freehand tied a red bow and attached with a glue dot.  The whole piece was mounted onto a piece of red cardstock to showcase the red flowers. Using markers to color stamps is a great way to add variety without having to invest in lots of expensive ink pads.  By keeping the layering and dimensionals to a minimum, special postage and packaging is not necessary.

Try these techniques with other types of flowers and colors for birthday, get well, and sympathy greetings as well.  Thank you everyone for your support of Stamp to Cope, Inc. and blessings to all.  Jeannette