Thursday, January 12, 2012

Its all about the husband

Greetings Bloggers!

As the title indicates, this blog is all about the most wonderful husband in the whole wide world...Mine!  Happy Birthday! His birthday was the 9th of this month and I always want to make it unique since it seems so close to Christmas.  Therefore, while I stuck with a winter theme, I stayed away from the traditional holiday colors and went for a cool look instead. Besides, blue is his favorite color.  If you look closely, you will see that the snowflake is actually suspended with fishing wire in punch hole on the front of the card. It actually flutters like a real snowflake when you open it...pretty neat.  When I was creating this card and trying to plan for some type of birthday surprise. We had no idea that the surprise he would really get was a diagnosis of Cancer.

Cancer! Just saying (or in this case reading or typing) the word brings a myriad of emotions to the surface.  For those of us who are survivors, it might mean future fears or reliving haunting experiences. For those of us who were in a caregiver or support role, it might bring up feelings of anger, frustration, and helplessness. But not many of us would associate that word with joy, thanksgiving, or positive energy. Yet, I write this blog today full of a new sense of strength, hope, and determination to take on the battle of this enemy again and WIN once more.  The difference this time, is that I will serve in the support role to my beloved husband and by bringing my own cancer lessons learned, I am coming armed, dangerous, and ready to do my part in this battle.

But, you may be thinking, why am I full of joy and excitement when once more this horrible invader has entered our home? Well it is because today we received word that my husband's cancer has not metastasized!! What blessed news after a long week of waiting for test results as part of a birthday celebration. What a wonderful miracle when sometimes fearing the worst. These last days have also reminded me of all the wonderful people (angels that God has put in our path) we have in our lives who continue to offer love, prayers, positive thoughts, and healing hands. What inspiration they bring.

Now it is my turn to be in the support role. I had a super role model in watching how my husband supported me.  I know we have God, our friends and family, and miracles on our side so yes I am joyful and say bring it on, we will fight and win!  Love to all and keep those prayers coming.  Jeannette

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  1. You are an inspiration, Jeannette!