Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Time Change

Hi all, Based on the title I gave this post, you are probably thinking I should save it for the Spring when the clocks are changed. But this time (no pun intended)  it is really all about putting important things in our life into a new perspective. I believe that is one way to bring new life back into old favorites. So, I gave it a try.....

When I starting stamping in 2003, I focused on making my own coloring books for entertainment during chemo. I was quite content and did not anticipate any other use of my stamps. Then as my healing and coping requirements took on new dynamics, so did my interest in using stamps to create cards and scapbook pages. Once again, I found myself tempted to expand the use of stamps and ink to create something that caught my interest.....focal pieces.

My first attempt was to create this necklace piece for my daughter.  When she came home from college for the holidays I noticed the trend for big jewelry that made a definite statement. So, I made a flower scene inside a Tim Holtz pocket watch housing. The pocket watch casing is quite large so I wanted to create something that would be showcased behind the glass without being to overwhelming. Using stamps of flowers, leaves, and hearts I colored, distressed, cut out and layered for a 3D look.  I added glitter and rhinestones to give it a little bling and catch the light.  The really fun part was the versatility...the entire display was created on a circle cut piece of cardstock that I stamped and distressed that fits onto the back casing of the watch. By putting the entire scene on the decorated cardstock, it gives the option of exchanging multiple scenes to fit the occasion. (No, I have not made any more).  I then purchased a long thick chain necklace of antique brass and slipped the finished piece on.  It looked super on her.

Making this piece was a lot of fun and certainly opens up some Stamp to Cope, Inc. fundraising opportunity ideas. But for now, I discovered I still find card making the most fun. In the end, it was a reminder that old favorites can continue to bring surprises and lovely contributions to my life but there is comfort and joy in hanging with an old friend.  Thanks for stopping by and have a super week.

Blessings, Jeannette

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