Monday, October 24, 2011

A STAR Thank You

Greetings all,
There are so many individuals and organizations that have supported Stamp to Cope, Inc. over the year and we are extremely appreciative and thankful to all.  As an organization of Survivors, we then try to pay the support forward as part of our mission.  However, once in a while we get that wonderful chance to repay in kind and it is a true blessing.  At Stamp to Cope, Inc. we recently had such an opportunity and are delighted to serve.

One of our on-going supporters, Star Charities, asked me to create a dozen "Thank you" notes for them.  Star Charities is a group of volunteers that fundraise on behalf of specific causes.  The work is done strictly on a volunteer basis. They are particularly known for their fundraising efforts for Alzheimer's Research, Breast Cancer Awareness, Veterans, those serving in the military, and the Girl Scouts.  After they raise money through a variety of fundraising events, they present a check to the named organization and send thank yous to all the volunteers and contributors to the events. Using store purchased generic cards just didn't seem to be expressing  the unique message they had to share. Therefore, I was thrilled to make these Star Charities notes to help them spread their love.

Using white cardstock, I embossed a florish across the top.  On the bottom half I added patterned paper reflecting the stars and patriotic colors that represent their trademark.  Out of red and white cardstock I cut out stars and added their tag line...  Star Charities...Volunteers in Action.  I then added a piece of ribbon across the middle.  On the inside, I took the letters STAR and created a mnemonic.."Sending Thanks And Rejoicing..from the bottom of our hearts" and stamped a small red heart.  Stamp to Cope, Inc. and I hope these cards will spread resources and good cheer to many worthy organizations and individuals.  Try this technique to create a special message of  your own for a member on your support team.  Blessings, Jeannette

Monday, October 17, 2011

UK Markey Breast Cancer Workshop

Good afternoon... Apparently my blog from last week never posted. I tried to do it from my phone. So, I am reposting and will add an updated post later in the week... Thanks for your support......

Hi all, I am blogging on the go today coming live from the much awaited workshop at the University of Kentucky's Markey Breast Cancer Center. What great group of survivors! We are making a bookmark and a fall card using a spin on the white crayons resist technique. I will post final products next week. Have a happy Columbus Day! Blessings and happy stamping. Jeannette
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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Academic Thank You

Happy October!!! We all know what that means...(Yes, my birthday and Halloween but that is not what I meant :)) Breast Cancer Awareness Month!  Stamp to Cope, Inc. has so many exciting ways we will be sharing in the spirit of awareness that this blog will be hopping. But, for today's post I thought I would share a story that shows how the art and crafting worlds really comes together for a cause...

Our son (pictured on the far left) is a member of his schools' Academic Team.  The school is new this year so has never had a presence in the Governor's Cup Rounds.  My husband is a fabulously talented wood artist so the team asked him if he would make them some name holders.  After he completed the holders, he reached out to a laser artist who then volunteered to put on the name of the school and mascot.  All of this happened in one day, and the team was presented with the holders and lamenated name tags that evening just before their competition. What a wonderful surprise for them all. I took pictures and even brought a piece of  cardstock for all the team members to sign as a way of sharing thanks, but really had no plans for their use. That evening, I checked my twitter account to see that StampTV (a free resource at  had uploaded a video on using photographs to make cards.  What a great idea ... right?  I watched the video and created my own interpretation using the cardstock the children had already signed as a thank you to the gentlemen for donating their time and talent. Truly an example of merging art, crafts, talent, and heart to support the new school and the team.

The reality that I find, is that this is just one example of how the local artists of Berea come together for something worthwhile.  Many of the same individuals will create and share Breast Cancer Awareness with us as well. So survivors, as we move into this very important month of awareness, take time to notice and be thankful for all of those arts and crafts individuals/organizations that contribute so much to support us!

Blessings,  Jeannette