Monday, June 6, 2011

A Guiding Light

Happy Monday!  June has arrived and with it the promise of summer and all the wonderful life celebrations that come along.  Our daughter, Carly, graduated from high school yesterday, school is out for our son, Joshua, and all around people are getting ready for vacations and travel plans. Life is full of so many blessings that can be forgotten easily when challenges come our way.  Keeping a larger perspective, while a wonderful skill, is not always our first impulse.  Sometimes we just need a small reminder when extreme events come our way.

With that in mind, I created this Guiding Light card for my Aunt LuLu (still undergoing breast cancer treatments) as she faces the challenges of survivorship and the loss, last week, of my Uncle Jack.  They had a blessed life together and he was such a strong anchor of support.  The verse reflects her strong faith and the light house represents that safe port during rough seas.  Our prayers are with her and the rest of the McNulty Family.

May we take time to remember our blessings even when surrounded by life's rough seas.  Have a wonderful week.  Jeannette

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