Monday, October 28, 2013

Pumpkin pARTy

Greetings and Festive Fall Hellos!!!!
Wow, what a busy and fulfilling Breast Cancer Awareness Month for me and the whole group at Stamp to Cope.  October 3 recognized my 10 year anniversary of my diagnosis....I am so grateful and blessed! Clearly something to celebrate and within a perfect month :). Thanks all of my loving supporters.

From that celebratory event, we went on to prepare for our first Survivors pARTy. I prepped for 100 participants creating at 3 stations. Yes, I know, dreaming big :) Station 1 covered basic card making, station 2 covered wax pencil techniques, and station 3 covered water based markers.  Gifts were provided at each station along with hands-on assistance from wonderfully talented volunteers.  A huge shout out to Anita, Kassondra, and Tammy for helping with the stations.  We also had the all important food/snack area "manned" by my fabulous husband Greg.  Our daughter, Carly, came home from college to take pictures of the event.

For our first offering of this type, we were thrilled by the results. We met our goal of contacting with at least 20 people, we created beautiful projects and memories, and we had a fabulous time!

From the pARTy event, directly into preparing card give-away sacks for local care giving facilities has kept us all busy.  Stamp to Cope received over 2000 hand made cards from survivors, support partners, and caring crafters around the world as part of our Reach Out Readers initiative with Card Maker Magazine. To close out our Breast Cancer Awareness month, we put together bags of these blank, seasonal, and occasion cards to be distributed this week to help share a warm greeting with those needing a special uplifting message.

Even though the end of October means the official end of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it does not end for Stamp to Cope.  We are participating in the Women's Wellness Day on November 2 so stay tuned for an update on this wonderful event!  Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful Halloween!
Blessings, Jeannette

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