Monday, April 11, 2011

Down On The Farm

Greetings! Some great news to share... Our Chairman, Greg, has aligned Stamp to Cope, Inc. with a wonderful workshop and fundraising opportunity here in Berea, KY scheduled for July 2011. Over the weekend, he attended a Master the Art of Presentation workshop which will allow Stamp to Cope, Inc. the chance to participate in a community wide Art event sponsored in part by the Bureau of Tourism and the Berea Arts Council. What a wonderful chance for out reach, awareness, fundraising, and fun...exciting. I will be working on the proposal this week for submission by the 18th. As part of the workshop, we attended a dinner event that showcased a renovated farm where the barn and out buildings are now used as a retreat for music, dancing, and peaceful get aways. It was a beautiful evening...a great place to relax and recharge. The evening inspired this farm themed card of thanksgiving and a reminder to take a moment and enjoy nature. Oddly enough, the weekend took on another aspect of the farm theme. Imagine my surprise when I looked out my family room window yesterday to see a HUGE, beautiful black Steer grazing in the back yard. Apparently, he has been roaming the subdivision for several days and seemed quite content. I was told I couldn't have a new pet :) so I created this herd card instead. Have a great week. Jeannette

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