Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sunshine Victorian

Now that the set itself is available to view as a reference, please join me during the week for a journey into possible creations.  This card, features a Friendly Sun set off by a hand stamped Victorian Style background.  I first drew this sun when I was in 7th grade (no, you do not want to know how many many years ago) for the  basis of a copper necklace I was making for art class.  At the time, I loved the little Raisin Bran sun in commercials and wanted one of my own.  The fun memory is that my necklace won a regional award and my art teacher, Mrs. Boone, displayed it in the school trophy case the rest of the year.  I gave the necklace to my mother as a gift but have no idea where it is today.  However, I continued to draw the sun on all my book covers, notes, and soon it became my trademark throughout school.  The sun here is colored with Copic Markers and then an inked accent was added around the circle.

To make the Victoria background, I used the Open Flower Stamp from the kit, inking it randomly first in a light color ink and then a darker color ink.  I then blended in a light blue distress ink which took on a green tint once it was absorbed by the yellow paper.  To find out more about this technique, check out www.stamptv.com.

The final stamp used from the kit was the Hello stamp which I added at the last moment. I hope this card adds a little sunshine to your day.  Tune in tomorrow for another project.  Blessings, Jeannette

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