Monday, February 28, 2011

Birthday request

Happy Monday, Earlier in the month, my mother requested that I make a birthday card for a friend of hers for his 80th birthday. I was so excited to do a specific request that I began asking my mother all kinds of questions about the friend. She told me he was a very distinguished gentleman well known and liked in the community with quite a philanthropic heart. Trying to find out more about what kind of card he might like, I discovered he was a wine connoisseur with a flair for life. I put my supplies to work and created the Wine Bottle Card which I thought would be a perfect fit. I mailed it off to my mother with great anticipation and felt quite pleased with myself. When I didn't hear anything back, I called my mom to confirm she had received the card for her friend. "Yes, honey, I received it and it is pretty, BUT, it wasn't what I had in mind. " I tried not to be too disappointed but when she said she would just go out and buy a card I knew I had to take a different perspective.

This time I asked her what SHE wanted, and as she spoke, I began to see my error. I had tried to make something for the birthday recipient but what I should have done is focused on the person giving the card. On my second effort, I incorporated all her suggestions...Red because it is her favorite color, the numbers 80 because an 80th birthday card should have numbers, gold and silver because that is "fancy", and lots of sparkle for the special event. You can see that my second attempt has a much different look and feel. I will mail it off today and hope this one hits the mark.

As I pondered this situation, I couldn't help but remember some wise words from my father before he passed away last year... "If you love what you give to others it means all the more in the giving."I think my dad had it right. My mom wanted to give a little piece of herself to her very dear friend and God love her for the giving. I hope I can do the same through Stamp to Cope, Inc.


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