Saturday, February 7, 2015

Light Bright Art

Happy February Bloggers!!!

Is it too late to wish everyone a Happy 2015? I have missed sharing the Stamp to Cope happenings with everyone and am excited to get out these updates.  Before doing a run down of what we have been working on, I wanted to share a few cards created recently.

As many of you know, photography is not a gift I possess and likely will struggle with throughout all of the technology advancements. However, I do want to share creations and tips here and in other social media.  Some of my challenge (they tell me) is having the correct lighting. Well, for Christmas, my dear mother-in-law gave me funds to purchase a portable light box.  Let me know what you think...
This elephant card was made for my hubby for his birthday in January.  I just love the cute elephant and thought the button gave it a masculine feel. Since his birthday is so close to Christmas, I kept with the red and green traditional coloring.  The image was colored with wax pencils and then cut out and popped up on the card.  The picture above uses my original approach to taking a photo...wait until mid day, stick it on a chair, and cross my fingers. :)  The picture below uses my new light box.  Clearly, I still need lots of practice, but I could take the picture any time of day and I thought it looked cleaner.  Thoughts? Tips? Tricks? It came with three backing options...gray, black, and white. I will have to test them all.

So, you might be wondering what has kept me away from my blog for such a long time...check out some of the things in the planning for 2015

o Completed applications for participation in Berea Festival Learnshop
o Donation work with Thrivant, Amazon Smiles, and Fun Stampers Journey
o Traveling for work and promoting Stamp to Cope
o Connecting with Pink Link
o Preliminary planning for Board meeting
o Creating workshop kits
o Making Cards for Berea Arts Council for fundraising efforts

I am looking forward to a very busy and tremendous outreach year!!! Have a blessed week and thanks for stopping by!!!

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