Monday, January 24, 2011

Color Challenge

Posted by PicasaPart of the fun of stamping is the wonderful resources and connections that can be discovered. In order to share techniques and ideas with survivors at our Stamp to Cope workshops, I try to learn new techiques and find new ways to inspire creativity. Recently I came across the concept of stamping "challenges". Various stamping blogs issue daily/weekly/monthly challenges and then post examples. The challenges have a time limit, encourage the participant to post the completed product, and usually give some type of acknowledgement. The card I made here is a sample of a color challenge issued this week at
The colors required were brown, turquois and white. What a wonderful way to support, encourage, and lift up others who enjoy stamping. I can not help but see the connection between stamping challenges and survivior support.... Look for that nugget of inspiration provided by your support team, embrace the commitment to move forward, and give yourself and your team kudos and acknowledgement for a job well done. Have a wonderful week and enjoy the challenges that come your way. Blessings Jeannette

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