Sunday, September 2, 2012

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Happy Labor Day weekend everyone! 

I think I have finally figured out this holiday...I labor more in honor :)  For my daughter-in-law it must have taken on a whole new meaning last year when she gave birth to my grand-daughter, Ella Elise!  Since I can't be there to help celebrate her first birthday, this card was created to share some sweet sentiments for a sweet girl.  The card uses a relatively new product called Gelato by Faber-Castell to create the color. The gelato colors come in tubes like chapstick and are water reactive. If the tube is rubbed on the stamp and then spritzed with water the colors blend together as shown here with the background stamp and 6 colors. If used to color in a stamp, a small amount is rubbed on and then smeared around with a sponge or finger as I did with the cupcake.  They reminded me of very smooth crayons or when I was little and used to draw with my mother's lipstick (no she was not happy and red left such pretty stains :0). They were pretty messy so I think I will have to play with them some more to see what other techniques I can discover.  Happy Birthday Ella.

Speaking of techniques, check out these sea creatures..sorry the photo is kind of blurry at the bottom.(my daughter is taking a photography class so maybe she can teach me how to take better pictures)  After researching some natural stamping techniques I tried to duplicate the process using rubber stamps. Starting with black paper, I used bleach to stamp the image making sure there was enough bleach to soak into the lines so it came out like a solid image. After the bleach dried and took out the pigment, I inked up the stamp again with Memento Dye markers to add color over top of the bleached area.  When that dried, I inked the stamp around the edges with a white pigment ink and stamped the final layer.  The colors and texture really added dimension and they looked very lifelike. Now all I have to do is figure out how to use them....good thing much of my family live near beaches :) Maybe I will start a new beach Christmas Card trend!

Before starting to think of Christmas Cards, however, I have a list of occasion cards that need to be made. We are thrilled that Stamp to Cope will have a booth at Women's Wellness again this year, the Girl Scouts asked that we put on a project for the local council, and we are planning to have some items in the local art gallery for a fundraising event. To get myself inspired for the mass production needed in such a short timeframe, I went to my favorite technique to make a New Home card for my nephew and his wife...Masking. This house card was made with 4 separate stamps and some post-it notes.  For each stamp a mask is created to cover so new layers can be applied without distortion. The trick is to stamp the items in the forefront first, cover them with the mask made of the same shape and stamp the next layer. Repeat this process until the scene is set and then remove all the masks.  It can get pretty slopping while working and sometimes fussy cutting the masks can be time consuming, but once the masks are gone the depth is great. We wish them all the best as they celebrate first-time home ownership. It did the trick, I have been making cards all weekend.  I am celebrating Labor Day by laboring creatively! 
Love to all,

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