Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Learnshop Success

Wow, it is August already and boy have my postings gotten away from me with all the activities and travel on my schedule. But, I am back now with plenty of exciting things to share....

During the first part of the month, my family and I took a little road trip to Charleston, SC. As many of you know, my husband is in the recovery stages of throat (head and neck) cancer so we did not want to go too far or take things too fast.  Charleston seemed to have something for all of us with Low Country Furniture for  my husband, Patriots Point for my son, and palmetto trees, salt water, and sand for me (Ft. Sumpter was an added bonus). We all came home relaxed and creatively inspired. 

 Upon our return we immediately jumped into the 2012 Berea Festival Learnshops where I conduct 3 Art of Stamping workshops (beginning, intermediate, and advanced).  These workshops currently serve as our annual fundraising event with 100% of the fees collected for my workshops being donated to Stamp to Cope.  What a great time everyone had with plenty of projects created.  The card picture above uses one of the background pieces we made with the shaving cream technique and working with stamps and inks that play well with water/water color paper.  For more photos of the workshops, check out the Berea Tourism facebook page or directly at these links for beginner and advanced. The picture coverage was great..Thanks Mike! If you were unable to join us this year, be sure to mark your calendars for the 2013 event scheduled for the second and third week of July.

I left the final workshop and headed directly to the airport for a flight to Chicago for my university's graduation ceremony. Watching our students walk across the stage is always the highlight of my teaching year. On this visit I received two surprises...1. I received an honor award and was inducted into the Delta Delta chapter of Epsilon Pi Tau for my work in instructional design and use of instructional technology. 2. I served as a faculty representative welcoming alumni, graduating honor students, and student families at Harry Carey's in Chicago, IL the night before graduation. This event gave me an opportunity to spend some time with very excited students and our gracious commencement speaker, Ben Stein.  

Now that I am back home, it is time to try and catch up...when do the children go back to school? :)
Blessings and have a super day!  Jeannette

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  1. So darn proud of you! Congrats, you are so deserving! Keep up the good work! Glad you had a wonderful vacation! Love your work!

    Love, Cookie