Monday, April 2, 2012

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!

I apologize for not posting in a while but I was focused on supporting my husband as he progressed through his last week of chemo and radiation. As the doctor said, "he is not out of the woods yet" but he has made a huge dent in the process. Now he must do some healing before further steps are taken.  God's blessings and thanks to all of you who have held us up in your thoughts and prayers.   

We didn't come up with the name "Stamp to Cope" without good reason, so as you might expect I have been stamping my heart out as a way to accept my added role of cancer support person. In an odd twist, having cancer myself certainly helped me help him. An additional benefit is that I will have quite a few new ideas and techniques to share in the coming weeks.  But for now, I am still fascinated with HoneyPop paper by InkyAntics and just did not want to pass up using my orange...seemed like pumpkins were a long way off. I traced the carrot template free hand and used a flourish stamp as the green top. 

I have also been busy reaching out with Stamp to Cope and have scheduled events for April, June, and July.  Please check out our website at for more information. Instead of scheduling a specific event for May, we were asked to create paper products for the Berea Women's Club and their Membership Tea...a great way to get some attention for our mission.  So far I have completed the requested name tags.
Lots of fun! Much more to share so stay tuned...  Have a blessed Holy Week and Happy Easter!

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