Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving Card?

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!  You may be reading this blog and thinking...if this is a Thanksgiving themed post, why is there a Christmas Card feel to the image?  Well, here is the deal....

You may have noticed I missed posting last week. I have been traveling for work and simply ran out of time.  The ripple impact was that I also did not get a chance to make Thanksgiving invites for the family or special Thanksgiving greetings.  I thought that surely when I returned home I would still have time. But, when I called my mother to "check in", she made a rush order card request.  Since the final product has to be mailed to her so she can mail it to someone else (I know pretty crazy :)) I went right to work. So what had planned to be an evening of making Thanksgiving cards actually turned into an evening of creating cards that give thanks.  Seemed like the true meaning of the holiday to me! :)

The unique thing about this card was the request that it hold a gift card.
I have never worked with gift cards but this was a lot of fun.  I took a regular 8 1/2 x 11 piece of green card stock and scored it 4 1/2 from each end of the length and then right down the middle (5 1/2).  I "W" folded on the score lines and glued around the fold so that the center crease popped up inside the card and the backs of the cards stayed together. Think of putting glue at the bottom of the W so the two points stick together.  Be sure the glue is only around the edges.  I then cut a slit the size of a gift card and inserted a playing card to hold the space so my mother would see how it works.

Since she requested a Christmas theme and likes bling (you may remember this from a previous post), I stamped the holly leaves with a high shine ink and glittered up the berries. The Thank You is from one of her Bridge Clubs so I thought the theme of Hearts on a regular card would be a nice touch.  By adding red glitter to the hearts and letters gave the card additional sparkle.

Give a gift card holding card a try. With the holidays coming up it is a fun way to say Thanks!

May all of you have a blessed Thanksgiving.  Jeannette

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