Monday, March 21, 2011

Princess Packages

Greetings friends,

For the blog this week, I wanted to share a wonderful addition to the Stamp to Cope, Inc. mission for 2011...Princess Packages. I made 25 of these packages today for inclusion in the Reach For Recovery baskets. In connection with the Madison County Breast Cancer Survivors Group (MCBCSG), Stamp to Cope, Inc. will add a mini version of our Workshop Stamping Resources Bag to each basket.  The Reach For Recovery baskets are given to patients served by Patti A. Clay hospital in Richmond, KY that are newly diagnosed with breast cancer. This is a fabulous way for us to outreach directly through one of the local hospitals. If this takes off like I anticipate, additional fundraising events will be planned so that we can continue to contribute. If you are interested in finding out more about this, other activities, and how you can contribute, please check out our website at - all donations (monetary and in-kind) are welcome :). What a wonderful opportunity for us to share the coping option of stamping and paper art with other Survivors.

Speaking of paper art and fundraising, I played around this weekend making paper beads with the idea of creating pink bracelets as donation incentives. What a great way to use paper scraps and provide another technique for Survivors. These are my first attempt, but I think the idea might work once I get the hang of adding a little more bling :). What do you think? What about necklaces? Post your thoughts and color combination ideas.

Have a great week. Blessings,
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